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Original makers of reproduction push button light switch
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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Can you use your Dimmers on LED bulbs and Fixtures?

ANSWER: This is a long answer. Yes you can with some LED bulbs and fixtures. We have tested all of our dimmers with many different dimmable LED bulbs and fixtures from many different manufacturers successfully. The bulbs that worked the best in our testing are from a company called CREE. These bulbs had smooth dimming throughout the dimming range and we were able to dim these bulbs down to about 15%. Other bulbs stopped dimming around 25%. We successfully tested bulbs from Utilitech, Phillips, Sylvania, EarthLED, and Fiet Electric. Customers have used our dimmers with LED bulbs and fixture from Maxlite, Luminous, Halo, Nora Lighting, Juno, and DiodeLED successfully.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: The LED's bulbs have to be dimmable, not all LED bulbs and fixtures are dimmable.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: When dimming multiple bulbs with one dimmer all bulbs have to be the exact same bulb from the same manufacturer!!!!! Not all LED bulbs are the same.

IMPORTANT NOTE #3: Not all LED's will work with our dimmers. There are LED's that are not compatible with our dimmers. If you are unsure the best thing to do is order one of the dimmers and test it with the LED bulb/fixture you would like to use.

QUESTION: Can you use your switches with LED's?

ANSWER: Very simple answer, yes you can. There are no issues using our switches with LED bulbs and fixtures.

QUESTION: Do you offer a printed catalog?

ANSWER: No we don't have a printed catalog anymore. Our website has all of our products and up to date pricing.

QUESTION: Are your switches and dimmers UL Listed?

ANSWER: The majority of our switches and dimmers are UL and cUL Listed. Our single pole switches, single pole 300 and 600 watt dimmers, three way switches, three way 600 watt dimmer and the four way switch are UL and cUL Listed.

QUESTION: Why would I choose a 600 watt dimmer over a 300 watt dimmer?

ANSWER: To determine the wattage you need the dimmer to handle you add up the watt usage of all the light bulbs the dimmer will be controlling. If the sum of the watts usage is more than 300 watts you will need a 600 watt dimmer. You can use a 600 watt dimmer if the sum is less than 300 watts too.

QUESTION: When do I use a trimmed dimmer instead of a standard dimmer?

ANSWER: Use our trimmed dimmers only if you plan on installing two or more dimmers next to each other or if you are installing the dimmer next to a electrical device that isn't a mechanical on/off switch or duplex outlet (ex. Fan control unit, GFI outlet, etc.) in a multi gang electrical wall box. You do not need a trimmed dimmer if you are installing a dimmer next to a regular switch.

QUESTION: Is there any drawbacks from using the trimmed dimmers instead of the standard dimmers?

ANSWER: Yes there is. The Aluminum facing of the dimmer switch helps radiate heat, when the surface area is reduced the dimmer can not handle as much. Our trimmed dimmer therefore handles about 33% less wattage than our standard dimmers.

QUESTION: Do you offer a 1,000 watt dimmer?

ANSWER: No we do have a 1,000 watt dimmer. We are always looking to improve our products but we have not been able manufacture a dimmer that can handle more than 600 watts at this time. If you plan to exceed 600 watts you may want to use dimmable compact fluorescent light bulb or dimmable LED light bulbs. These light bulbs produce the same brightness but use less wattage than the standard incandescent light bulbs.

QUESTION: Do you have a fan speed controller?

ANSWER: No we do not have a fan speed controller. Again we are always looking to improve our products but we have not been able manufacture a fan speed controller that is in a push button configuration.

QUESTION: Can you use two three way dimmers on the same three way circuit?

ANSWER: No you can not use two dimmers on a three way circuit. One switch has to be a three way mechanical switch.

QUESTION: Can I use your switches and dimmers with compact fluorescence bulbs?

ANSWER: Yes you can use these CF bulbs with all of our switches. To use them with our dimmers please make sure you use dimmable CF bulbs and that they are compatible with rheostat dimming switch when using CF bulbs with our dimmers.

QUESTION: What is your return policy?

ANSWER: Please see the Shipping and Return Policy link at the bottom of the page.

QUESTION: What is your warranty policy on your products?

ANSWER: Please see our Warranty Policy link at the bottom of the page.

QUESTION: When will my order ship and how long will it take to arrive?

ANSWER: Please see the Shipping and Return Policy link at the bottom of the page

QUESTION: Do you ship to Canada?

ANSWER: Yes we ship to Canada.

QUESTION: Do you ship overseas?

ANSWER: Yes we ship over seas. To place an order, please call us during our business hours Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST. Please note we are closed on Wednesdays. You can reach us @ 1-800-245-7742 or The best way to place the order if you are overseas is to email us.

QUESTION: How long have you been in business?

ANSWER: We have been reproducing push button light switches since 1983.

QUESTION: From what time period were push button light switches first installed in homes?

ANSWER: The push button switch began being installed in homes as early as 1891 and was the most popular switch used in homes through the 1920's. The push button switch was eventually phased out by the toggle switch by the 1950's.